A Citizen Task Force was chartered in September 1999 to consider options and make recommendations about the future of community cable television in McMinnville. Anticipating a change from cable company operation to nonprofit management, the City of McMinnville established McMinnville Community Media as the designated public, education, and government (PEG) TV manager on January 11, 2000. MCM’s founding board was charged with developing policies and procedures for the administration and ongoing operation of community television in McMinnville.

Who We Are

McMinnville Community Media is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. We provide access to community cable channels without discrimination for residents, students, employees of a business, or representatives of an organization within the City of McMinnville. We also partner with community, educational, service and faith-based nonprofit entities and government agencies who service individuals within McMinnville.

Our Purpose

MCM’s mission is to strengthen and enrich our community by providing communication opportunities, tools, and training. We offer modern equipment, resources and know-how to help local citizens produce non-commercial television programs to be shown on MCM-TV cable channels. Local programming enhances dialogue in our community and often assists organizations with promotion, publicity, volunteer cultivation, and education.