We Want YOU... to learn how to make your own television program!


MCM's training classes are designed to provide community members with the skills necessary to produce excellent quality television programs.

Training programs are open to all Mcminnville Residents with a valid id/drivers license or students within the Mcminnville school district.

Pre-registration is required. reserve your slot in a class or set up a one-on-one producer preview.


Get started at MCM today!

Step 1: Attend a Producer Preview Orientation. Call or email to set up a one-on-one Producer Preview or attend a pre-scheduled class.  We'll give you the lowdown on Community Media and what to expect being a volunteer producer for MCM-TV.

Step 2: Become a member. For $35 per year, you can become a member of McMinnville Community Media and support us, as we support you. Included with the membership is an HD camera orientation and beginning editing class on Final Cut Pro X.

Step 3: When you have a finished show, fill out a program contract and we'll telecast it on our channels, Comcast 11/331 and Frontier 29.

Step 4: Sit back, throw a party, and tell your family and friends to watch your hard work broadcast on MCM-TV.

To get started contact MCM-TV!