MCM helps you telecast your program to a local cable TV audience

If you reside in McMinnville and have a program you want to telecast, bring your file on flash drive or DVD to the MCM studio at 825 NE 3rd St. in McMinnville.

We'll ask you for proof that you're a McMinnville resident.  Then you'll complete a program contract that outlines basic rules and affirms you take responsibility for your show. You can download the Program Contract form here, or fill one out at our studio in Downtown McMinnville

We schedule your program to play multiple times on Comcast Channel 11 and Frontier Channel 29.

Click the link for our digital file format information page, to help you create a file our playback system can utilize. Digital File Format Information

If you don't have a preproduced program but would like to make your own, MCM makes training workshops and equipment available to you. Click here to learn more about MCM workshops.