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Tuesday, May 30, 2017
9:00 AM
Doug's World: KW Brown
9:30 AM
Game Time with Rumblechops: Episode 7
11:35 AM
NASA Educational Programming
1:05 PM
NASA 360: 21st Century Exploration
1:30 PM
Speaking Frankly Special: Farm Fest
2:30 PM
Hillside Adventures in Learning: Project POOCH
3:30 PM
MHS Softball vs. West Linn Lions
4:45 PM
MHS Live at the Blackbird 5/25/17
5:00 PM
Road to Recovery: Community Health Centers
6:00 PM
2017 UFO Festival Parade
6:35 PM
Mac Attack
7:00 PM
Democracy Now
8:00 PM
STEM in 30: Kites in Flight
8:30 PM
MCM Movie Madness: The Brain that Wouldn't Die
10:00 PM
National Poetry Month: Gallery at Ten Oaks
11:00 PM
Democracy Now
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Local voices. Local Television.

MCM helps you telecast your program to a local cable TV audience

If you reside in McMinnville and have a program you want to telecast, bring your file or DVD to the MCM studio at 825 NE 3rd St. in McMinnville.

We'll ask you for proof that you're a McMinnville resident.  Then you'll complete a program contract that outlines basic rules and affirms you take responsibility for your show. You can download the Program Contract form here

We schedule your program to play multiple times on Comcast Channel 11 and Frontier Channel 29.

MCM still takes DVDs, but many program providers now bring in their programs as a digital file on a flash drive.  Here's some info on how to do that.  Digital File Format Information

If you don't have a preproduced program but would like to make your own, MCM makes training workshops and equipment available to you. When your program is ready, it will be shown on MCM. Click here to learn more about MCM workshops.

Office Hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday Noon - 7 p.m
Wednesday Noon - 6 p.m.
Thursday Noon - 6 p.m
Friday Noon - 5 p.m
Saturday 10 a.m - 3 p.m
Sunday Closed

About MCM

  • McMinnville Community Media has helped local residents use local community  access television since 2001.   
  • Our non-profit organization relies heavily on volunteers to create local  programming.  
  • MCM programming is seen on Comcast channel 11 and Frontier channel  29.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen and enrich our community through communication opportunities, tools, and training. To do this MCM offers:
  • Workshops on television production equipment.  
  • A full 4 camera TV production studio  
  • Video editing facilities  
  • Technical advice to help you plan and complete your projects  
  • Volunteer and training opportunities  
  • Remote video production van  
  • A community bulletin board and website  
  • Hundreds of hours of local TV each year done right here in  McMinnville  
  • Daily telecasts of resident provided programming
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